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Our cloud-based platform helps wash operators make more money, clean more cars, and ensure the best outcome of all — a consistent convoy of happy customers.

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Web and Mobile Technology to Help You Grow Your Car Wash Business

We provide our clients with a way to effortlessly institute turn-key subscription and loyalty programs, brand their operations with a custom branded app, and improve their marketing efforts by paying close attention to customer data and analytics.

Mobile Payments

With your private-labelled mobile apps, customers can purchase and activate a wash right from their phone. Want more flexibility around tiered pricing? Mosaic allows you to fully customize your product offerings with only a few clicks.

Fast, Secure mobile payments Save payment information for recurring purchases Learn More
Mobile payments for carwash on iPhone and Android


You enjoy predictable monthly revenue while your customers enjoy the convenience of subscriptions. We take care of all the details.

Fully customizable terms and limits Geo-fence restrictions to prevent abuse Save time and money with automation Learn More
Subscriptions and Memberships for carwash through mobile apps

Loyalty Programs

Encourage loyalty by building an ongoing relationship with your customers and reward them with points they can use to redeem free washes.

Fully customizable earning ratios Implement as many programs as you like Fully automated and integrated in the app Learn More
Loyalty programs for carwash through mobile apps

Push Notifications

Need to do some creative marketing? Want to offer a discount on a rainy day? Use push notifications to announce special promotions — or simply as a way to drive demand during off-peak times.

Reach your customers instantly Create and save notification templates Learn More
Subscriptions and Memberships for carwash through mobile apps

Customer Data and Insights

Get to know your customers better. Our reporting system tracks every transaction to provide useful metrics, statistics, and insights.

Quick access to customer name and contact Track active subscribers Learn which products are performing best Learn More
Customer data insights and analytics

Financial Reporting

View records and breakdowns of every transaction, allowing you to easily reconcile financials — and keep you on track to meet sales targets.

Detailed breakdown of every transaction Easily refund transactions Revenue, tax, and fee summaries Learn More
Subscriptions and Memberships for carwash through mobile apps


Incentives and promotions are an excellent way to drive adoption and keep customers engaged. We built Campaigns to empower operators with the ability to quickly and easily run robust promotions in their mobile app platform.

Single Wash and Subscription Discounts Loyalty Point Coupons Triggered Rewards and Social Sharing Full control over Campaign limits Custom promo codes for print marketing Learn More
Campaings and promo codes in the Mosaic platform

From Independant Operators to National Chains, We’ve Got You Covered

We understand that every car wash operator, whether large or small, has unique needs and complexities that require equally unique solutions. We’ve built Mosaic to fit right into any operation and scale freely as you grow.

Realize reliable, recurring revenue and grow your business with the power of subscriptions.

Attract a new generation of customers who appreciate (and expect) a seamless, user-centric, mobile-app experience.

Save time and money with automatic software updates.

Set yourself apart from the competition with an easy-to-implement, low-risk, high-reward, digital solution.

Learn more about how we help small and large businesses alike.

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Join the Car Wash Revolution

Many of the brightest and most forward thinking minds in the car wash industry already trust Mosaic as the platform to help them grow their business. But don’t just take our word for it… See what our clients have to say about us.

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Owning a car wash can quickly lead to opening a second car wash, with the ultimate realization that true success can only be realized by scaling up the operation. And, of course, scaling up requires something many wash operations struggle with: creating a solid brand.

Read more about how Xtreme Clean uses Mosaic.

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Bobby Willis, CEO, Cool Wave Car Wash

"Mosaic's data is going to help us steer our business in different directions to help us save money — and at the end of the day make more money, keep customers satisfied, and produce that clean, dry, shiny car."

— Bobby Willis, CEO, Cool Wave Car Wash

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