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Our goal is to help wash operators step confidently into the future and take advantage of new technologies. We want you to spend less time focused on the complexities of individual transactions and more time building long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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Independent Operators

Stable Revenue — with Room to Grow

We streamline the complexities of sales, subscriptions, and financial reporting so you can focus on growth. As you collect more customer data and insight from Mosaic analytics, you'll see measurable improvements and efficiencies. Once you start down the subscription road and stabilize revenue, you can begin to push the sales graphs — built right into the Mosaic dashboard — up and to the right. But don't stop there. Keep scaling and add unlimited locations at no extra cost. We're rooting for you to do just that!

Steady revenue with room to grow

A Superior Customer Experience

Good customer service has always been essential for maintaining a successful wash operation, but these days you must to go deeper and provide a standout customer experience. Create a superior experience for your customers and strengthen the reputation of your business with a custom-made Mosaic app. We build it based on your customers' real-world needs — and then work backwards to engineer it. We're big believers in putting the user first, not technology first.

A superior customer experience

Reach the Next Generation of Customers

Today's customers have come to expect the convenience of paying with their phones. With the Mosaic app, your customers are in charge of administering their own payment information, and a dead-simple payment process they control.

Reach the next generation of customers
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Given the choice, how often do customers choose the Mosaic mobile app over getting an RFID tag installed? "Nine times out of ten," says Nate Kessler, COO of Xtreme Clean. That observation is a testament to how quickly the car wash industry is changing, and how essential it is for wash operators to change with it.

Read all about Xtreme Clean's extremely pragmatic approach.

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Large National, Petrol and C-Store Chains

Cost Savings that Really Add Up

Increase throughput while simultaneously lowering labor costs by empowering customers to pay and activate washes using the device they carry with them at all times. The time and money you save can be better applied to growing revenue and expanding your operations.

Cost savings that really add up

Made for Big and Small (and Everything in Between)

Whether the car wash is your only business or just a complementary offering to fuel and c-store sales, Mosaic will work for you. Our app is designed to be intuitive for everyday users, but the platform is architected for integrations, making it easy for national chains to adopt a digital platform or build upon existing apps. Keep track of it all with built-in reporting tools, whether you need to track one location — or one hundred.

Made for businesses large and small
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Mike Black runs our highest volume subscription business. With 10 large tunnel operations, five quick loops, three gas stations, and even some self-serve, he's been building a car-wash empire for nearly 30 years. Over that time, he's experimented with countless hardware/software combinations in his quest to identify a solution that helps him cut cash out of the equation. He finally found it.

Why Mike says adopting Mosaic was "one of the best decisions I ever made".

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We Want to Hear from You

Our team is always happy to answer your questions, explain how our system works, and show you how other wash operators benefit from using Mosaic. We learn something new from every encounter we have with wash operators. So, ask away!