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We firmly believe that a data-driven mindset will serve your business better than hunches ever will. We built our reporting system to collect customer data around purchasing and activity so you can glean insights about who they are and what they respond to.

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Customer Data Insights

Know your customers: Everyone who creates an account is in the system — even if they haven't purchased a wash (yet). Once you know them, you can market to them.

Mosaic reports help you understand the nuances of your pricing strategy and benchmark your progress. Who bought, how much did they pay, which packages did they choose? It's all designed to help you spot trends and fine-tune your revenue.

How many single washes did you sell vs. how many were redeemed with points? How many subscriptions renewed, and how many washes did your subscribers actually use? Did someone cancel? Maybe you should reach out to them and see if they can be rescued. Knowing all of these details can help you take action.

Learn about your customers with Mosaic data insights
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Valet Car Wash has a lot less employees now than they did had back when they started, and their basic car wash is cheaper today that it was in 1991. How do they do that? By knowing their customers and knowing their numbers.

Read about Valet's experience with labor, automation, and time per customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Insights


What type of analytics do I have access to and what information does it show me?


You’ll have access to single wash, subscription, and financial reports that track revenue, subscriptions counts, and more.


What type of information is collected for my customers?


You’ll have access to your customers’ name, contact info, transaction records, and subscription status.


Can I filter the reports by one or multiple locations and different time frames?


Yes. You’ll have the ability to set custom date ranges and filter out which locations you want to see reports for.


Is my customer data being shared or sold to any third-party companies?


Mosaic will never share or sell your customer data without your consent. You can rest assured that your data is secure.

Bobby Willis, CEO, Cool Wave Car Wash

"Mosaic's data is going to help us steer our business in different directions to help us save money — and at the end of the day make more money, keep customers satisfied, and produce that clean, dry, shiny car."

— Bobby Willis, CEO, Cool Wave Car Wash

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