Financial Reporting

Detailed Financial Breakdowns and Analysis

It's essential for successful businesses to have every financial record available for inspection at a moment's notice. But it's equally important to provide a birds-eye view so you can navigate your way across time and toward sales targets.

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Financial Reporting

Every detail of individual purchases are recorded, along with any necessary fees or taxes. Mosaic also tracks failed transactions so you can identify and correct any issues.

We've set up Mosaic to make reconciling financials simple and straightforward. You can go granular and view records and breakdowns of every individual transaction, or you can take a more holistic, chart-based view.

We know taxes can differ by sales location, so we built in the ability for you to create custom tax rules.

Reconcile financials with Mosaic's detailed financial reports
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Like any business, car wash operations have to reconcile their books at the end of every month. How many people bought? Did you get every penny? Can you effortlessly compute multiple local-tax situations? What about refunds? Mosaic breaks down every transaction, allowing you to easily reconcile financials.

Read about how we help Valet Car Wash add it all up.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Reporting


Will the fincancial reports show me tax and fee amounts from all the transactions in a particular date range?


Yes. Mosaic financial reports display detailed breakdowns of the taxes, fees, and profit of every transaction.


What information will I have access to in the financial report?


You’ll have access to every bit of transactional data including taxes, fees, revenue, wash code, code usage, date, location, and more.


Am I able to see financial reports and breakdowns for individual locations?


Definitely. As is the case with all reports, you can view the financial report for one or multiple locations at a time.


How do I refund a customer’s purchase?


The Mosaic financial reports make it easy to refund purchases. A couple of clicks and your customers will have their money back.

Mike Black, Valet Car Wash

"Mosaic's done a good job of listening to operators and designing a back-end to give them the support they need. Now, we're almost completely cashless. It's one of the best decisions I ever made."

— Mike Black, Valet Car Wash

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Mosaic makes it easy to regain control of your financials so you can spend less time worrying about tedious account reconciliation and more time focusing on your customers.