Loyalty Programs

Fully Customizable Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers who trust your brand are likely to spend more and stick with you for the long haul. Make it easy for them to keep coming back with a customized loyalty program.

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Loyalty Programs

Mosaic's loyalty program is built into your app and runs itself. No need for printed cards or punching tickets. You can administer it yourself inside the platform.

Assign points based on your own instincts and experience, or adopt our recommendations based on platform data. It's always up to you.

Build an ongoing relationship with your customers and reward them with points they can use to redeem free washes.

Offer loyalty and rewards through carwash app
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At Xtreme Clean, every sixth wash is free, but only people who use the mobile app can join the loyalty program. One important benefit their business gets from that? It drives more people to use the app. That's smart.

Read about other smart decisions Xtreme Clean makes with Mosaic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Loyalty Programs


Can I set the amount of loyalty points I want each wash package to be redeemed for?


Yes. You simply set the ratio at which you want your customers to earn loyalty points (ex. 10:1), and we handle the rest.


Can I manually give my customers loyalty points?


Absolutely. You can gift any number of loyalty points to any of your customers.


If I offer a loyalty program at one location, do I have to offer the same program at my other locations?


Not at all. You can create any number of loyalty programs with different ratios and choose which locations they are active at.


How do loyalty programs work with subscriptions?


Since subscriptions already help your customers save, they don’t collect loyalty points on subscription purchase.

Mike Black, Valet Car Wash

"I've looked at other apps, and companies have contacted us, but I haven't really found anything that can do what Mosaic can do."

— Mike Black, Valet Car Wash

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