Mobile Payments

A Better Way to Pay. A Cheaper Way to Operate.

Customer convenience is the most powerful reason to commit to mobile payments, but it's hardly the only one. Adopting mobile payments can result in significant cost savings — in addition to providing you with added revenue.

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Mobile Payments

Give your customers the freedom of choice. They choose the payment method that they like best.

Avoid upgrade fatigue: Software updates quietly and automatically, behind the scenes.

Declined card? Your customer controls their own payment details, freeing you from the frustration of puzzling over confusing error messages.

Accommodate the growing number of people who prefer to pay for everything with their phones.

Mobile payments through carwash app
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Xtreme Clean wanted "the easiest way for people to pay us in the most frictionless way possible." Mosaic is built for exactly that. It's set up to accommodate the growing number of customers who choose to pay for everything with their phones.

See how Mosaic makes mobile payments easy for Xtreme Clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Payments


Will my customers need to enter their payment info every time they purchase a wash?


No. Customer payment info is stored for recurring use securely by our PCI compliant payment processors.


Will I be able to administer refunds to my customers through the mobile app?


Absolutely. Mobile payments make it easy to refund any purchase with just a couple of clicks.


Is mobile purchasing secure?


Mobile purchasing through our app is incredibly secure. We use the same industry-leading digital payment processor that companies like Amazon, Shopify, and Lyft use.


Do I need any additional hardware or pay terminals to offer mobile payments at my car wash?


No. Mobile payments through Mosaic mobile apps work completely independant of any hardware or pay terminals.

Nate Kessler, COO, Xtreme Clean Auto Wash

"Because of Mosaic and their mobile app, we're able to envision and work toward implementing a fully cashless solution. We've increased revenue to a point where we're ready to grow and add another six or so locations."

— Nate Kessler, COO, Xtreme Clean Auto Wash

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When you give customers the ability to purchase and activate a wash directly from their phone, you don't just remove barriers to purchasing, you simplify and streamline your entire operation.