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Subscriptions are proliferating in the car wash industry because they offer double-sided benefits; they serve both businesses and consumers. Operators get to enjoy more predictable monthly revenue, while customers receive a more convenient, hassle-free experience.

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Subscriptions (Memberships)

Getting rid of revenue spikes and smoothing out cash flow with monthly subscriptions makes the entire operation a lot less stressful — and measuring growth much more practical.

A steady stream of satisfied customers gives you a serious competitive advantage over rival operations that still focus on point-of-sale selling. Even better, letting customers self-serve means faster on-boarding, which leads to more throughput.

Offering subscriptions through a mobile app puts your customers in charge of managing their subscription which saves you time and money.

Carwash subscriptions and memberships with a mobile app
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Unlimited washes? One wash per day? Different types of subscription plans? With Mosaic, you set the boundaries of your subscription offering, giving you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Read about Cool Wave's experience with an unlimited wash program.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Subscriptions


Can I set limits for how often a subscriber can redeem a car wash code?


Definitely. Mosaic gives you full control over daily, weekly, monthly, and term limits for your subscriptions.


Can I offer multiple subscriptions with different product offerings and prices?


Mosaic allows you to offer an unlimited number of subscriptions for different products and prices.


Will I need to be involved when my customers want to renew or cancel their subscription?


Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each term and cancellations are handled completely by the customer.


What happens if a customers credit card expires during their subscription term?


We’ll automatically prompt them to update their payment info so their subscription continues uninterrupted.

Mike Black, Valet Car Wash

"I've been pleasantly surprised by the results. It has exceeded my expectations. At some of our sites, the revenue is 90% from subscriptions."

— Mike Black, Valet Car Wash

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When you adopt a subscription mentality, you quickly learn why this business model has such profound implications for the car wash industry.